Ok 3-1 is good especially after that opening night debacle but how good are we? Well, we’re 0-1 against teams winning teams and 2-0 against losing teams, and 1-0 against 500 teams. How will it be when we play the Rams or the Chiefs or the Saints or the Packers again? Hard to say.

Do we need Trubisky to win? Is Chase Daniel more accurate? Doesn’t it seem the Bears defense has improved from last year?

Like in the Big Lebowski, lots of ins, lots of outs lots of strands in old duder’s head. 

I wouldn’t take Oakland for granted and I know Jon Gruden will be up for it as much as Khalil Mack, and then we go into the bye week which will give Trubisky some time to heal. 

All is good. Isn’t it?


  1. Even when compared to the past Bear defenses this one looks great.
  2. Even with key players out the defense looks great.
  3. The pick up of Ha Ha Clinton Dix looks like we stole one from the Packers, than the usual other way around.
  4. On the offensive side doesn’t Allen Robinson look like he makes every catch he dives for?
  5. David Montgomery is a bruiser and I like how he always knows how to fall forward and make guys miss.
  6. I like how for the most part we’ve protected the ball on the offensive side.
  7. Eddy Piniero!!! Way better than we could’ve hoped for at this point.
  8. To not have Roquan Smith or Akiem Hicks and still do what we did to Minnesota is way impressive.


  1. At some point you have to take shots down the field and spread out the defense, we haven’t really.
  2. Nagy’s play calling sometimes looks a little questionable, like running Chase Daniel when we had no backup QB behind him.
  3. Great teams destroy worse teams, we let them hang around at the end.
  4. Is this about as good as we can expect from Trubisky or does he still have upside?
  5. What happened to rolling Trubisky out more?
  6. Is a great defense alone enough to win a championship?
  7. From what I’ve seen Trubisky doesn’t know how to just get down when the play is a bust.
  8. So few passing TD’s in a pass dominated league is a bad sign.







The infuriating part of watching the Bears, any year really, is they hoodwink you into thinking you might have something only to really let you down when you need it.

Is this Sunday’s game against the Vikings more of the same? Is their defense good enough to carry this team on its back? Can the offense not make any mistakes and score a few touchdowns?

Save for the twilight zone two years of Marc Treastman where the Bears were almost last in the NFL in defense it’s all a song we’ve heard before.

I don’t know of many teams that have won it all with just defense? Let’s take a look.

2000 Ravens number 1 defense number 14 offense

2002 Buccaneers number 1 defense number 18 offense

2008 Steelers number 1 defense number 20 offense

2003 Patriots number 1 defense number 12 offense

1990 Giants number 1 defense number 15 offense

I don’t know what this really shows if anything but it does seem to me to say it’s doable. Right now the Bears have the number 8 defense and the number 28 offense. Those number better improve or January will be cold again.

Prediction——-Bears 21 Vikings 17