There’s nothing so cold about winter then when the Bears are screwing up and there’s no chance for the playoffs in sight.

I’m proud to say I never cried over a Bears loss, though. Angry, yes. Frustrated, yes. Disappointed, great God almighty yes. But moved to the point of tears, never. Call it a hardscrabble upbringing but there were just better things to cry about.

Now as the 3-5 Bears head into their ninth game you have to wonder if the season isn’t a total loss and if it isn’t a better idea to see what young players might benefit from some playing time.

I remember playing on a basketball team that when I finally got my chance to start I missed my first 6 shots and never played in another game again.

Some chances are fleeting, others last a lifetime.

Makes you wonder how long the Bears plan to stay with Mitchell Trubisky until they say enough is enough.

History isn’t kind to young quarterbacks in the NFL. Many of them are no good. For whatever reason there’s just too many who don’t pan out.

Everybody has a quarterback they thought was going to do great who didn’t make it.

Names like Vince Young, Robert Griffin III, Ryan Leaf, Johnny Manziel,  Jamarcus Russell, Blaine Gabbert litter the mind.

You can add Trubisky’s name to the list, I’m afraid. 

If I had to guess why here would be my three big reasons as to why.


He just isn’t very accurate. Too many of his balls are uncatchable and they are even from a really short distance. All the great ones can hit the eye of a crow flying, The Biscuit can’t. The closest he comes is when he’s on the move.


One of the things I keep hoping to see more of is Trubisky on the run. He’s just not very comfortable in the pocket, nor is he getting the kind of Aaron Rodgers time you need to pick a defense apart. But role out and maybe run the ball more that seems like something they still could do.


Last year Tarik Cohen was a factor. A monster really except for the playoff game when he didn’t get any chances. You need guys who stretch the defense. Speed. Speed kills.


I fear another lackluster game coming up but we win this one against the Lions 21-17.


onlyifyoudream tidbits…………rumor has it that Matthew Stafford is out with broken bones in his back which makes me think of those really bad Bear teams in the 70’s who could blow a team out at home from time to time to satisfy the rabid Bear fan base…………Longtime Bear analyst Hub Arkush makes another great point about the Bears. A lot of times in the NFL you see a team go from disappointment to disaster. This year’s team is a disappointment, but they are not disaster, yet. Let’s see what they can do this week.


Author: daveonlyifyoudream

just a struggling writer having some fun writing about the Chicago Bears

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