The infuriating part of watching the Bears, any year really, is they hoodwink you into thinking you might have something only to really let you down when you need it.

Is this Sunday’s game against the Vikings more of the same? Is their defense good enough to carry this team on its back? Can the offense not make any mistakes and score a few touchdowns?

Save for the twilight zone two years of Marc Treastman where the Bears were almost last in the NFL in defense it’s all a song we’ve heard before.

I don’t know of many teams that have won it all with just defense? Let’s take a look.

2000 Ravens number 1 defense number 14 offense

2002 Buccaneers number 1 defense number 18 offense

2008 Steelers number 1 defense number 20 offense

2003 Patriots number 1 defense number 12 offense

1990 Giants number 1 defense number 15 offense

I don’t know what this really shows if anything but it does seem to me to say it’s doable. Right now the Bears have the number 8 defense and the number 28 offense. Those number better improve or January will be cold again.

Prediction——-Bears 21 Vikings 17


Author: daveonlyifyoudream

just a struggling writer having some fun writing about the Chicago Bears

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