2-1? Are you crappin’ me negative? And in first place? That is all so awesome. But all enthusiasm has to be tempered like glass which might be 4 or 5 times stronger than regular glass but is still glass.

If that defense can stay healthy it keeps them in a lot of games.

And if that offense can move up 6 or 7 slots in the stats they might blow more than a few teams out.

But Trubisky has to play better. Much better. He’s already thrown more than a few passes that make you scratch away the last hairs on your head.

Something also looks wrong in the face. In the first half particularly it looked like he was constipated or something. Sweating more than he should. Either his helmet is too tight or the pressure is getting to him. 

Aaron Rodgers by comparison never looks like he’s sweating. I don’t know how you teach poise or accuracy or greatness. Either you’re great or you’re not, right?

Maybe you can unfeel and intuit the pressure with success. Maybe the strength of everybody else can help lift you up as well. Maybe with a lot of wins you can grow into the best version of yourself, reaching for perfection but never getting there because nothing is perfect. He’s really trying so hard and you can see it all over his face. He wants it bad.

I think they need to move the pocket more and have him and Jordan and Cohen all run more. Something to help them get big plays with big chunks of yardage.

If Buffalo can blow out Minnesota, Detroit can blow out New England, and Washington can blow out Green Bay why can’t Chicago win the Super Bowl? For now I’m still eating flapjacks and molasses in that sow belly fat, because if I complain too much about it—-I won’t get that.

And waiting like the blues for the midnight special to shine it’s light on me. 

Until next week….

Author: daveonlyifyoudream

just a struggling writer having some fun writing about the Chicago Bears

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